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The professionals of LEITE, SINIGALLIA E FORZENIGO ADVOGADOS act with utmost diligence and confidentially in order to preserve both the image and business activities of their clients. The Firm provides its services in a broad range within the Criminal Law matters, notably in the following areas:

  • Corporate criminal law;

  • Crimes against the financial system;

  • Tax crimes;

  • Money laundering;

  • Crimes against the popular economy (cartel crimes);

  • Crimes against the consumer relations;

  • Crimes related to public bidding procedures;

  • Bankruptcy crimes; 

  • Unfair competition;

  • Crimes against dignity;

  • Electoral crimes;

  • Crimes against the stock market;

  • Crimes against the Public Administration;

  • Crimes against the Welfare System;

  • Crimes against intellectual property;

  • Crimes against industrial property (trademarks and patents);

  • Larceny and other Frauds;

  • Crimes against the Environmental Laws;

  • Cyber-crimes;

  • Crimes against the Traffic Law;

  • Narcotics Law;

  • Crimes against the life of civilians (Jury Trials);

  • Defense in extradition and international cooperation on criminal matters.

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